Snow today!

It snowed here in Raleigh today, so I decided to make the snowy "Wintertime" theme available and set as the default. Hopefully it looks fine in Internet Explorer for Windows (I haven’t checked yet).

I was going to redo the logo to fit in a little better and tweak a few things (as well as test it in IE/Windows somehow), but I just hadn’t had time.

Anyway, I wanted to make this theme available before the season is over. *smile* You can select it (or any other) from the dropdown of themes.

Update: The snow is gone (it was GREAT when it was here — none stuck though) and so is the Winter theme being the default. It’s still in the dropdown for the time being, but it is horked enough that I’m not going to have it by my default for now. (:

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8 Responses to “Snow today!”

  1. Colin says:

    Try Again . . .

    Redmond strikes, the layout is a bit screwy in IE6.0. Specifically, the menu panel overlaps about a third of the content panel. Aside from that, there’s the usual png problem. Oh well, time to stop using my dad’s machine . . .

  2. Trae McCombs says:

    horked in Moz FB.

    Yeah, doesn’t work in Mozilla Firebird 0.7 on Fedora Core 1.0. Time is: 10:13pm, EST.

  3. Firebird

    Odd, that’s one of the browsers I tested…

  4. Kevin Breit says:

    Yeah, I can confirm the bug in Firebird .7.

  5. Scott says:

    Same in Windows..

    It dosen’t look so hot in Firebird 0.7 in Windows either so I suspect it looks the same as Firebird in Linux.Just letting you know..

  6. valerio says:


    …great theme, like all of your stuff! =) I vote for, the best art resource on the net! =)

  7. Nermal says:


    Working fine here in galeon 1.3.11a, though looking a little cheesy 😉

  8. penny says:


    When i link to you i put this in href "" as default :/