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The Owen on GTK+ interview

Thursday, December 18th, 2003

Owen Taylor, a co-worker of mine at Red Hat, has recently done an interview eith Eugenia at OSNews. In it, he talks about the latest developments in GTK+ and also the future of the toolkit.

SpamAssassin is not perfect

Thursday, December 18th, 2003

SpamAssassin is not perfect, but it sure is nice.

It has already blocked over fifty emails just this morning! I’ve switched to using it for my personal email account a short while ago and it’s been keeping my inbox clutter-free since.

(Unfortunately, I messed up my Bayes filtering in my email clients around the same time and I accidently marked a lot of legit email as spam. It’s fixed now, I think, but may have lost a message or two in the process. My mail is working fine now, at least I hope. *smile*)

A Purpose DrivenŽ review in the making…

Thursday, December 18th, 2003

Charles Sebold over at is currently reviewing The Purpose-DrivenŽ Life. He’s already done Day 0 (Introduction) and also Day 1.

It’ll be interesting to see the points Charles brings up as his analysis of the book unfolds over the next month or so, especially considering what some others have had to say about the book.

I’ve read his web log (the Living Torah Journal) for a while now and have found that he has a lot of great insight (in addition to being a fellow computer geek, one who uses Linux and Mac OS — and even Emacs).

Mac OS X 10.3.2 released

Thursday, December 18th, 2003

Now that I have a Mac laptop again, it’s nice to see that Lord of the Rings movie. (:

Linux kernel 2.6.0 released!

Thursday, December 18th, 2003

The Linux kernel 2.6.0 has just been released! Between Lord of the Rings, and now this, lots of nerds everywhere are quite happy.

Watch Lord of the Rings

Wednesday, December 17th, 2003

What’s all this Lord of the Rings hype about? You can watch the complete LoTR epic on the ‘Net already! (Quicktime needed.)

More info on the above version of the film is available. It’s probably the only movie version of LoTR where Frodo wears a fedora. (:

In all seriousness, I plan on watching the film on Thursday. Reviews are already out and everything looks very positive thus far.

Fedora Core 2 development schedule

Tuesday, December 16th, 2003

The Fedora Core 2 development schedule has been posted. Fun stuff. (: