Plane crazy

Pictured above is the plane in which we were passengers, snapshotted shortly after it nearly crashed while landing (with us in it).


4 Responses to “Plane crazy”

  1. Kreg Steppe says:


    Look at all that ice. I am surprised they could get it to stop at all. I was slipping a little in my VW Beetle on Tues, I can only imaging trying to stop the weight of a plan like that.

  2. Nermal says:


    I wonder if a plane like that has thrust reversers. I guess if it has that may have helped it stop, and if it hasn’t its amazing you stopped at all.

  3. Tigert says:

    Yea, it has reversers, so stopping is not that impossible, but it can still be a tricky one in crosswind and slippery runway.. Glad to hear it went OK after all.

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