Attack of the worms

Have you been wondering why you have been getting a lot more worms in your email? So have I. It seems a battle of worm writers is afoot.

Most anti-virus and email filtering software isn’t catching these (yet), so it’s very annoying. At least all the machines I use either run Linux (Fedora) or Mac OS X, so nothing bad COULD happen, even if I did click on the files to launch them (like someone who doesn’t like better).

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2 Responses to “Attack of the worms”

  1. Anthony says:


    s/like/know/, no?

    : )

  2. Guesso…

    I get random emails "apparently" from other people in the community, too… Evidently, someone has a few of us open source artists in their address book on a Windows machine, and fell for the worm.

    I guess one side effect of this worm epidemic is that we can see that some people are friends of friends… and that some friends of friends are friends of yours too.

    Kinda like Orkut, but not voluntary.