Another Bluecurve icons for OOo update

I’ve updated the Bluecuve set of OOo icons page with the latest set of completed icons (set 4). I’m currently working on the next set which, when done, should put me at the 1/3 completion mark.


8 Responses to “Another Bluecurve icons for OOo update”

  1. me says:


    You’re speed is incredible. I’m not sure how you don’t lose inspiration after the first 100…200…300. 😉 And maybe this is because I don’t have OOo in front of me, but I’m not sure I know what the "stock_transform-circle-perspective" does or how the icon relates to it. I’ll have to check it out when I get back to a *nix machine with OOo on it. Great work though!

  2. David Nielsen says:


    finally OOo might become pretty as well, thanks for the excellent work.

  3. Mukund says:

    Will these be a part of FC2 release?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Bluecurve suggestion

    Thanks for your nice icons!Just a quick suggestion;I prefer the Bluecurve classic minimize, maximize and close buttons… (IMHO they look better). So why don’t you make them appear by default on the next release of Fedora/RedHat?Thanks again

  5. Bluecurve Classic

    You can select "Bluecurve Classic" from the theme changing dialog, under the window manager theme area.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Re: Bluecurve Classic

    Yeah, I know. Thanks anyway.I don’t know why the bluecurves were removed in the bluecurve-new theme… that’s like removing "bluecurve" in "bluecurve theme."Thanks for your "bluecurves"!

  7. Suggestions

    Greetings!Your icons look great. I _really_ look forward to seeing them used in OOo :)I have some comments/suggestions though:1. stock_insert_special_characterThe character used here is the same character used on signs in norway to detonate cultural places/events and all things related to culture, really.. So to a norwegian user, the icon might seem more like "add an image to the document" than "add a special character". 2. General add/insert/remove iconsWhat about making all "insert/add" icons have a green arrow or pluss sign, respectively?I think reoccuring themes for similar actions make it easier for the user to associate the icon with an action.Likewise, icons that remove things should all have orange arrows/minuses. It would also be good to have all insert arrows point in one direction, and all remove arrows point in the another direction, so that users with decreased colorvision could easier distinguish insert and remove from one and another. 3. stock_update-data iconsThe stock_update-data icons arrow looks alot like the undo-icon, so users could think that the icon represented "remove my selection from the document" easily.. perhaps you could overlay the DB-barrel with two green arrows in a circle? 4. stock_handles big/smallThe stock_handles big/small icons were a bit difficult to tell from eachother. A user with reduced vision might have a hard time seeing the little differencen in green-box sizes for the two. 5. Zoom arrowsIt seems the arrows for zoom next/previous are pointing in the wrong direction, but that could just be me :)Well, those are my initial thoughts, atleast.. Keep up the great work!

  8. Oops

    It seems my linebreaks were not converted to breaks for some reason.. Sorry about the cluttered text!