Red Hat Worldwide Meeting

People are enjoying the Red Hat Worldwide Meeting. Some people seem to be enjoying it more than others it seems.

On Saturday, we all went to Wilmington and participated in some fun events. Guess which of the four events I wound up doing? It happened to be one where we walked around the city and took pictures, bought candy and ice cream, and enjoyed the day (the scavenger hunt). Big stretch for me, huh? *smile* We wound up winning second place too.

It’s been great to see everyone around the world. Some people I haven’t seen in a while and it has been very nice to hang out with them over these few days of food, meetings, more food, more meetings, and even more food. (:

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3 Responses to “Red Hat Worldwide Meeting”

  1. Yin Cheng says:

    Which Wilmington?

    Which Wilmington was it? Delaware or somewhere else? I recall another city with same name elsewhere. But thats where i live 🙂 Wilmington DEJust wondering…

  2. Wilmington, NC

    It was Wilmington, North Carolina — a two and a half hour bus trip away. Wilmington, DE is a bit farther to drive.

    I’ve driven through Wilmington, Delaware a few times, as recent as the other week ago even. I may have even driven past you on the road (on I-95); who knows? (:

  3. Yin Cheng says:

    you might have…

    you might really have driven over me, or i may have even seen you on the high way 🙂