Photos: April flowers

Last week, I headed out after work to take pictures of April flowers (right before April ended). There are a few non-flower shots too, such as the cacti and some other plants.

Enjoy the pics! (:


4 Responses to “Photos: April flowers”

  1. Allea says:

    Quite nice.

    Now I feel motivated to get out and take some shots myself.

  2. Thanks.

    Yeah, you should go out and take some pictures. If you want to go venture out together to take pics, just give me a call, email, or IM though. (:

  3. What really strikes me about your macro photography is you really focus at a detail. And everything is surrounded in the nice blurry gradients of color. Very saturated too. Very pleasing to the eye.

  4. Kim says:

    I really love your photography! What camera are you using?