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Shocking photos

Saturday, June 26th, 2004

Marc Laidlaw in Redmond, Washington took an up-close picture of lightning as it hit a tree during a recent thunderstorm. He was in his backyard at the time, but jolted out of the area when the bolt struck a tree nearby. There’s a picture of the damage done to the tree, too.

For more lightning photos, check out Striking Images, Skyfire, WV Lightning, Mike Theiss’ storm photos, and

Also, be sure to check out Lightning photo tips too, if you’re interested in taking pictures.

Big news

Wednesday, June 16th, 2004

I have other pretty big news — I recently joined the Ximian team at Novell. I will also be moving up to Cambridge in a few weeks.

G8 Summit

Wednesday, June 9th, 2004

I’m temporarily living back down in Savannah for a short while. By chance, I moved back in time for the G8 Summit, which is currently the big thing going on here in the area.

Various news sites have aggregate stories (articles with links to others on the topic), including WSAV and WTOC.Also, there are a lot of news stories about the streets being heavily patrolled with law enforcement of various types.

I personally have seen several police and military vehicles of all sorts while driving around recently. Just yesterday, there was a huge caravan of around fifteen cars, all with lights flashing, traveling in the same direction I was (at least for a while). Thankfully, I was going in the right direction, as all the other roads in every other direction were all blocked off (with lots of traffic backed up behind the barricades), and I must have seen around twenty to thirty police cars stopping the flow of traffic.

It’s interesting to note that there is even an official blog for the Savannah G8 Summit, complete with its own RSS feed.

New phone!

Friday, June 4th, 2004

Yesterday, after two and a half years of being a Cingular customer, I switched to T-Mobile. I now have a nicer plan, a better coverage area, and a spiffy new camera phone.

Yes, this means I got a new camera. It only takes 640×480 pictures in the highest quality setting though. Hardly a replacement. *smile* Still, I think having a little camera on my phone can be handy from time to time.

Also, I can email and instant message directly from my phone, in addition to the standard text messaging. It appears I can surf the web as well.

It is a curvy, blue Motorola V300 flip phone with a 176×220 res truecolor screen.

By-the-way, I have the same number, but the service won’t be active for a little while longer (there’s a delay from hopping cell phone companies). Of course, since I switched, I no longer have the contacts from my last phone. If you want me to have your number, you might want to give me a call when the service starts working again. (: