New phone!

Yesterday, after two and a half years of being a Cingular customer, I switched to T-Mobile. I now have a nicer plan, a better coverage area, and a spiffy new camera phone.

Yes, this means I got a new camera. It only takes 640×480 pictures in the highest quality setting though. Hardly a replacement. *smile* Still, I think having a little camera on my phone can be handy from time to time.

Also, I can email and instant message directly from my phone, in addition to the standard text messaging. It appears I can surf the web as well.

It is a curvy, blue Motorola V300 flip phone with a 176×220 res truecolor screen.

By-the-way, I have the same number, but the service won’t be active for a little while longer (there’s a delay from hopping cell phone companies). Of course, since I switched, I no longer have the contacts from my last phone. If you want me to have your number, you might want to give me a call when the service starts working again. (:

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2 Responses to “New phone!”

  1. Kreg Steppe says:

    Camera Phones

    I got our Telco guy to get a loaner once to play with it…it was a lot of fun: check out I get a phone from work, it is pointless to have another for personal time. So I bought a Logitech p130,CRID=4,CONTENTID=7173It is small, 1.3 Mp with a flash. It is easy to carry around, and snap pics without lugging all of the normal camera stuff around, and you can get all of those ‘not posed’ pictures. Great with my 2yr old.

  2. Scott says:

    Nice phone

    This phone has been talked about a ton lately as it came out. It looks really nice and I’d love to get my hands on one. šŸ™‚