Big news

I have other pretty big news — I recently joined the Ximian team at Novell. I will also be moving up to Cambridge in a few weeks.

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15 Responses to “Big news”

  1. Trae McCombs says:


    Congrats Garrett. It really shows that Ximian has a clue in bringing you on board. I know you Tuomas, and Jakub will really pwn the Linux Desktop!!! 😉 I’m excited about what you are going to do… and I know you’ll have fun and enjoy your work. Congrats bubba.

  2. Kreg Steppe says:

    You ol’ Dog you…

    Congratulations! I figured that was coming after some of your posts in the past. BTW:I also guess that I will be having to get a copy of Suse now ;-)… Cheers to ya.

  3. Jeff Alami says:


    Big congrats go out… I love the work that Ximian has been doing, and I know it’ll be even better with you own board. You guys won’t only pwn the Linux Desktop, but the whole Unix Desktop!

  4. Random Guy in Boston MA says:

    Welcome to Cambridge!

    Congrats on your recent marriage, new job and upcoming move to Beantown…Only a month or two ago did I find your site, but the pictures are amazing – I keep coming back for more!….Looking forward to great pictures from familiar places. 😀 – jON

  5. Mark says:

    Congrats dude!

    $subject sez it all 🙂

  6. goodness says:


    You guys make a really cute couple! I’m so happy for you!

  7. montana says:

    I knew it the minute…

    I knew it the minut I read you had left RH… Man this is going to be so cool!

  8. Kevin Marsh says:


    Congratulations! Keep up the good work!

  9. You rock!

    Congrats man, looking forward to seeing your new work 🙂

  10. Josh says:

    Congrats Again!

    If you should ever find yourself at Novell’s office in Provo, Utah let me know. I live about 5 minutes from it. We could do lunch or something. 🙂 Congrats!

  11. Roshambo says:

    Novell Lucked Out

    Looks like I’ll have a reason to use Ximian now, and perhaps SuSe too.

  12. Todd Warner says:

    Oh the irony.

    Hey Garrett,Congrats bud. I am so incredibly happy that you will be contributing to to FOSS software. And getting paid as well! Hope you like Ximian-land, they snagged a talented guy.Ciao,-Todd

  13. Kev says:

    "About Me"

    Congrats! It looks like your "About Me" page needs some updating, since you mention… "I am currently employed at Red Hat" (-;

  14. Oversight.

    Thanks. It is now updated.