Beta-test the blog

Check out my site using WordPress, in a migration from some custom hacks over the years. It’s in beta testing now, so expect the comments over there to be temporal (basically, they will most likely be wiped out from time to time).

Let me know what you think so far (and do so over on the old-fashioned news system so your comment will be preserved).


5 Responses to “Beta-test the blog”

  1. Blog looks very nice. Diggin’ the slight modifications to the color scheme and the cleaned up sidebar gives a cleaner presentation. I also like the "content"–>"sidebar" layout, as the eye hits dead on to the posts. But that’s just a person preference 😉

    The reply box overlap with 1 reply on a short post should be fixable, but it is there as pointed out on the Blog itself.

    I have found a weird behavior. When clicking on the "9" in the calander, it brings up the single post. There is a verticle scrollbar for the "content" section as well as a verticle scrollbar for the page. When I move the mouse over the content, the page scrollbar disappears and then I get verticle and horizontal scrollbars for the content. This is with Firefox 0.9.2/Win32 maximized on 1024×768.

  2. Lukin says:

    Reasons for the change?

    Can you go over your reasons for the change? New features?

  3. Custom code vs. something supported

    Basically, I didn’t want to have everything all custom. I’d rather spend time doing neat stuff (taking photographs, etc.) than re-implementing a news system. I wanted the pings, traceback, and other features that others have.

    WordPress was the thing that made the most sense.

  4. Textpattern?

    Have you, by chance, tried Textpattern? From everything I’ve seen it’s a lot more durable and quite a bit more advanced. I’m not sure what your thoughts are on using something in "Gamma", but Dean has brought it along fairly far and is going to be implementing version control soon (according to a post in the forums). I completely understand the need to switch though. I finally gave in to Blogger recently. I didn’t even want to think about installing something anymore…

  5. ravi says:


    It’s great to observe one’s life through their journals.Wish You Couple, a Very Happy Married Life :o)