Two things…

First off, it’s now my birthday! Yay!

Second of all, TiVo doesn’t work without a land line. *Sigh*

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11 Responses to “Two things…”

  1. Nermal says:

    Happy Birthday!

    What goodies did you get in the end ? 🙂

  2. Hylke Bons says:

    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday!

    Well happy birthday then Garrett, lub your work :o)

  4. Kreg Steppe says:

    Hippy Birthday!

    I second Nermal… What did she settle on for you B-day?BTW Hack your Tivo or get Vonage for your home.

  5. Kevin says:

    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday Garrett. I’m excited about you being on the Suse team, and I look for great things coming soon from that distro. I use ReplayTV for all my DVR needs. I’m very happy with it, and no land-line is required.

  6. feep says:

    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday to ya! As a side note about the Tivo… If you have a Series 2 Tivo then just borrow someone else’s land line to do all your updates and then once that is done, you can just put on a wireless adapter (usb variety) and it should work on your home wireless network… assuming you have one. Good stuff once it is up and working. Granted you may already know all of this, so if that is the case: Happy Birthday (again)

  7. fabian says:

    Happy Birthday!

    Long live tha Garrett

  8. Paul Lemke says:

    Happy B-Day!

    Hey man! This is a great to have a birthday! 🙂 It’s my brothers too! And i’m sure you look way cooler than he does… Happy birthday man!

  9. Happy Birthday !!

    All the best and congratulations for sucessfully putting another year behind you. All the best

  10. Kreg Steppe says:

    I hope you read this… saw this and thought of you and your Tivo. Maybe an answer.