Notifications in HTML

Tuomas has some really nice mockups of a little notification baloon on his website. Today, he is suggesting that rich content via HTML is the way to go. I agree. Those things look awesome.

Using HTML for the content would lower the bar and allow for a great uptake among both developers and the general Web-saavy population. Plus, wouldn’t it be great to whip up something that nice looking on your desktop in a script or such in the matter of a couple minutes (or less)?


2 Responses to “Notifications in HTML”

  1. One idea now that the project is still in the designing process:

    It would be very nice to be able to “record” an history of alerts. Some times you are away from keyboard, and you will not be able to see certain important messages.

    Perhaps a classification between “Urgent”, “Normal” and “Notice” could help in the history log, and also being able to mark certain messages as not logged (for example, do not log gaim-login notifications, log batery warnings, and as those are urgent, some icon should be flashing, and the notification should be shown again every X minutes)

    Another tipe of notifications that needs to be considered and take into account in a different way are all the messages that require action from the user (acept somebody in gaim, …)

  2. Christian Hammond says:

    The history thing can definitely be done in the notification daemon. The protocol doesn’t need any changes. As for the ones needing an action from the user, we already have that covered.

    I’d rather not put support for “don’t log this” into the protocol, because that opens us up for a lot of exceptions, and we can get that functionality if people use the notification types anyway.