Based on Kevin Gerich’s forms work (and others), I have put together something that makes unstyled HTML forms look like Industrial widgets.

Firefox forms, mostly like Industrial

At the moment, this doesn’t work with everything, things aren’t pixel perfect, and it is a kludge — but it does mostly work.

Steps to test it out (for the adventurous)

  1. Download firefox-forms.tar.gz
  2. Extract the tarball (it will unarchive in a directory called “res”)
  3. Quit Firefox
  4. Locate Firefox’s appropriate res directory (“locate platform-forms.css | grep -i firefox” should do it)
  5. Make sure you back up your files in case you want to go back
  6. Copy the files over
  7. Start Firefox and enjoy!

Known problems:

  1. Form widgets may not be the right size on some sites that assume Windows forms are being used (and therefor use the default Windows sizes)
  2. The :not operator doesn’t seem to work multiple times with all three style, id, and class attributes
  3. Widgets are a little off, but look mostly correct

Feel free to make improvements and share your experiences below.

(Hopefully, eventually, we’ll just get native-looking forms with Firefox on Linux, like there is currently is on Windows…)