I’m helping Larry with F-Spot, to make it a killer app when it comes to photo management and the digital darkroom.

A sidebar mockup

I have recently posted some design ideas that I (and some others in the design team at work) have written.

The first public version of the info started as a nice little set of web pages for browsing. While doing such, I realized that we really needed to have it in a Wiki, however, so that any one of us on the team could easily update it with current information. With a little googling, I found DocuWiki, a nice little GPL-licensed wiki implemented in PHP. It’s a wiki that actually looks pretty decent out of the box and utilizes XHTML and CSS. Amazing.

There’s now a temporary place for a wiki (in my primates homedir currently). I moved the F-Spot info to the wiki. Check it out.

Be sure to make suggestions on what you’d like to see in a photo management application (you can leave a comment on my website — or better yet — join the F-Spot mailing list) and test out the application.