F-Spot interface info

I’m helping Larry with F-Spot, to make it a killer app when it comes to photo management and the digital darkroom.

A sidebar mockup

I have recently posted some design ideas that I (and some others in the design team at work) have written.

The first public version of the info started as a nice little set of web pages for browsing. While doing such, I realized that we really needed to have it in a Wiki, however, so that any one of us on the team could easily update it with current information. With a little googling, I found DocuWiki, a nice little GPL-licensed wiki implemented in PHP. It’s a wiki that actually looks pretty decent out of the box and utilizes XHTML and CSS. Amazing.

There’s now a temporary place for a wiki (in my primates homedir currently). I moved the F-Spot info to the wiki. Check it out.

Be sure to make suggestions on what you’d like to see in a photo management application (you can leave a comment on my website — or better yet — join the F-Spot mailing list) and test out the application.

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5 Responses to “F-Spot interface info”

  1. Andrew Fitzsimon says:

    If F-Spot turns out anything like these screenshots, I’m going to have to add another 6 litres of liquid into my body to replace all the drool.
    Very nice

  2. Barry Hughes says:

    OoooooooooooooOOOOOh, from the screenshots I guess that there’s an interface for using raw files, as it looks just like photoshop’s, is there any plans to make it as advanced as the C1 DSLR stuff from phase one? as that would be wonderful 🙂 I might have to join in with this, see what’s going on, and if I can help out

  3. Garrett says:

    At the moment, F-Spot does not yet handle raw files, but it is planned. Also, most of the options will be available for non-raw (with a few changes). I have some other ideas to I’d like to get mocked up soon too (multiple swappable sidebars, and some more in the ehnance one). It would be great to have suggestions from others too.

  4. chris says:

    F-Spot looks great, it makes me want to give up on my own app, learn C# and start helping out 🙂

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