Beagle website

With the help of Ben Kahn (for implementation and some content filling), I’d like to announce the new Beagle website.

Thumbnail of Beagle's website

I designed it using CSS — it works in everything, but (currently) displays oddly in IE (thanks to PNGs). Everyone wanted it up asap, so maybe we’ll work around that dreaded IE PNG display bug in a future revision.

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9 Responses to “Beagle website”

  1. giz says:

    it’s a Beautiful website that you’ve made there. Very simple, yet neat 🙂 Keep it up !

  2. Nermal says:

    It’s gorgeous but I miss the “Finding the porn you thought you deleted, in front of your boss” quote 🙁

  3. Nermal says:

    BTW, What font is the “Beagle” word in ?

  4. Garrett says:

    Yeah, I wanted my mom and my wife able to see it. It was Nat’s quote, and it was funny — but it was inappropriate.

  5. Garrett says:

    It’s a custom font I designed in Illustrator.

  6. Kreg Steppe says:

    Looks great. Sometimes less is more.

  7. Nermal says:

    Any plans to release it as a ttf ? 🙂

  8. That response rocks : ) Go family!

  9. Garrett says:

    It has a very limited set of characters at the moment — one capital letter “B”, and four lowercase ones: “a”, “e”, “g”, and “l”. (: