EPlugin hackfest

As I was about to pack up my stuff to go home tonight, Nat stopped by and asked if I could quickly whip up a little graphic to promote the EPlugin Hackfest happening all day tomorrow in #evolution on irc.gnome.org.

Join the EPlugin Hackfest -- #evolution on irc.gnome.org

Here’s the HTML to copy and stick on your website:

Join the EPlugin Hackfest -- #evolution on irc.gnome.org

There is also a small version available, too:

Join the EPlugin Hackfest -- #evolution on irc.gnome.org

Here’s the small version’s HTML:

Join the EPlugin Hackfest -- #evolution on irc.gnome.org

(For those wondering, EPlugin is the plugin system for Evolution (alternate site), software for personal and workgroup information management, which means it handles email, address books, task lists, calendaring, and such.)

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4 Responses to “EPlugin hackfest”

  1. Could you correct the HTML and CSS to remove the syntax errors please? You are missing units on the CSS lengths for the small image, the a element doesn’t have an align attribute, and what you have provided is XHTML not (as you say) HTML.

    It also strikes me as odd that the alt text for the second image includes information which isn’t in the image itself (but is in the first image) while not including some information which is in the second image!

  2. zebulon says:

    What font did you use to write the date and channel name on the small version ? Thanks 🙂

  3. Garrett says:


    I was trying to get out of the office really quickly last night once I had the graphic done — between myself, WordPress, and copying and pasting, I made a few mistakes in posting the HTML. I apologize. It should be fixed now.

    Thanks for the comment.

    PS: Also, all of the text would’ve been included in the smaller graphic, except that it got really crowded. I even had to change the font so that it would be legible at that size. It does link to a Web page that has a lot more information, however.

  4. Great, thanks. EPlugin looks rather cool, I think I’ll probably have a poke around with it sometime. It might make a good project to work on in my quest to learn C#.