Industrial for Firefox: 1.0.4 1.0.5

This version of Industrial for Firefox should work much better with the latest version of Firefox. It should hopefully fix problems with the previous version of Firefox and it has a few new little features as well.

Please note that you must be running one of the latest builds for this to work properly. As a result, I have kept the previous version on the website.

Go to the download page for “Industrial for Firefox”

Update: 1.0.5 is now available — the file selector is fixed (plus a few related tiny tweaks to make it better went in).

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48 Responses to “Industrial for Firefox: 1.0.4 1.0.5”

  1. I’m running 1.0RC2 on Fedora Core 2. I’ve been using your Industrial theme ever since you first advertised it on Planet GNOME. I love it. Now ever since I upgraded from Firefox 0.9.3 I’ve been having problems installing things such as extensions, themes, search engines, etc. as an ordinary user. I had thought that that was solved. However, no matter how many times I install 1.0.4 of your theme it is always listed in the Themes dialog as “Industrial for Firefox 1.0.3” (my emphasis). So, is the update failing to install, or did you forget to change the version number in the new version?

    Thanks again for the lovely theme.

  2. 9-speed says:

    Yes he forgot to change the version number 🙂 (unpack the jar file…)
    Also my back and forward button’s don’t work like normal button’s with the standard industrial hover state…
    I’m running 1.0PR

  3. Editor says:

    This page does not render at all with IE 6. Yes, we know about IE6’s problems, but some of us browse from work.

  4. Garrett says:

    Odd. I’m not doing much in the way of CSS on that page… I just changed the margin for the body — hopefully it should work.

    Still, there’s not really anything on that page much more than a button to install it (and the latest version).

  5. Garrett says:

    It’s the latest version. It pulls the number from the install.rdf, so it should be 1.0.4, for 1.0PR2 (although 1.0PR1 should most likely work too).

    I did just rebuild the jar and upload it just to make sure, however.

  6. Editor says:

    The problem is somewhere in this:
    Removing the line that loads that JS, makes the page to work fine with IE.

  7. Garrett says:

    Maybe it’s a cache issue?

    Also, if you try this, it may work:
    1. Open the theme dialog
    2. Switch to the classic theme
    3. Uninstall Industrial
    4. Restart Firefox
    5. Install Industrial
    6. Switch to Industrial
    7. Restart Firefox

  8. Garrett says:

    It’s the whole point of the page though… (:

    Anyway, I updated it by making the theme installation work a different way — now the page should work in IE (except the links to install, which only work in Firefox).

  9. Thanks, Garrett. Uninstalling the theme and then reinstalling it worked. I’d be surprised if it was a cache issue — I suspect it’s yet more of the recent spate of Firefox on Linux problems with installing/upgrading stuff (themes, extensions, etc) as a non-root user.

  10. Garrett says:

    Yeah, it’s a bit of a hassle. I’m sure it will be better 1.0 and after. (:

  11. ksmith says:

    Everything looks good now except the back and forward buttons. When hovering over them, they don’t become raised like reload or home, and there is no visible action when they are depressed.

  12. Michi says:

    It keeps getting better, thanks so much =)
    Only thing… the “Save as” dialog now has TREE icons on the “new folder” button, industrials “up” and “home” icons as well as the standart firefox “new folder” (i think). as long as nighly builds don’t use the gtk filchooser, could you please fix this?

  13. Garrett says:

    You have to run a more recent version of Firefox for 1.0.4+ of the theme. I’d suggest Firefox 1.0RC2

  14. Andrea says:

    Tried 1.0.5 right now, seems perfect. =)

  15. ksmith says:

    That is the version I’m running though 😉

  16. Garrett says:

    Odd! I’m using the tarball from — are you using the same too, or are you using some other build?

  17. ksmith says:

    I’m using the tarball from as well. I’m seeing it with the windows version also (just installed rc2 on my test box). I’ll remove it completely and replace it and see if that helps. Then if that doesn’t change things I’ll try a new profile, maybe something’s cached.

  18. ksmith says:

    Well completely replacing the tarball seems to have resolved the issue though I can’t seem to make it go away on the windows box.. not that I use it for much anyway 😉

  19. Tom says:

    1.07 still crashes when rightclicking on downloads 🙁

  20. 9-speed says:

    Great thing you keep updating your firefox industrial theme!! But may I ask what exactly you change every time. I have the idea you don’t really change the images, right? Just the css files?
    I maintain the Lila firefox gtk theme, which is just your theme with the icons replaces by Lila ones.

  21. Anton Heryanto says:

    great themes,it’s blend on my industrial themes but
    it still crash on my 0.10.1 firefox since 1.0.3 till 1.0.8 🙁 if I right click the download section to check properties
    what wrong ???

  22. Michi says:

    i’m seeing this, too. right-clicking on a download in the downlaods window (running or finished, doesn’t matter) crashes firefox when using this theme…

    also, with 1.08, the menu bar is much taller than it used to be. i’m using the industrial theme and the benu bar seems to be nearly twice as big as the menu bar in normal gtk applications!

  23. Michi says:

    menu problem: this worked with 1.05, 1.08 is the next version I installed and it’s broken

  24. What version of Firefox are you using?

    Do you have a screenshot of what is going on?

  25. AST says:

    Suggestion for a minor tweak: I actually run a GTK theme which has striped windows (Smokey-blue), but Industrial doesn’t seem to pick this up. I’ve used the GNOME-fx ones, but it doesn’t either. The only one that does seems to be the Gnome_2 firefox theme.

    After a bit of googling and research on how to build one of these critters (which was tougher than I thought), I fired up the DOM inspector and pointed it at the main window. It would appear that the one that gives the desired behavior (except for the pop-up menus) are using -moz-dialog as the default background rather than -moz-window.

    I’m no expert with Firefox themes, but it would be handy if Firefox rendered the toolbox and menus using the same background as the normal GTK+/Gnome apps.

    Other than that, I am quite happy with the theme and am currently using it. Thanks for the effort that went into it.

  26. Garrett says:

    Thanks for finding this out; I’ll look into it and possibly have a fix soon.

  27. Michi says:

    like anton heryanto said, the menu bar is much taller than it used to be – but not everything, there’s just much more space above and beyond the words. on my system, letters of the meain menu are 12 pixels tall and above that I find 15 pixels of nothingness… (plus 11 pixels under the menu entrys, making the menu bar 38 pixels tall)

    This is the official Firefox 1.0 build from

  28. Garrett says:

    Oh, I think I know what it is — the spinner on the menubar. I’ll look into it and come up with a fix soon.

  29. Michi says:

    Nearly… it’s the google bar which I put there to save space, on my 1024×768-only laptop this makes sense. same problem as with the spinner, however

  30. Oh, thanks! I couldn’t reproduce it with the spinner, but now that I know what this is, I’ll fix this next week (after Thanksgiving).

  31. Michi says:

    thanks in advance!

  32. Rene Valois says:

    Just installed Industrial for Firefox 1.0.9.

    I’m using Firefox 1.0 on Ubuntu 4.10, and the theme puts the text “Back” BELOW my Back button, as opposed to beside it (as it is with IE).

    I’m assuming this is a bug and not the intended behavior. I’d be happy to send a screenshot if you email me.

  33. Thomas Baker says:

    I’ve been using Industrial Firefox for quite a while and noticed that it seems to remove the OK button on the preferences page. I didn’t think much about it because I thought it somehow made them instant apply like gnome does for many things. Problem is that it doesn’t and without the OK button, changes made to stuff like fonts don’t take affect. I’m using it 1.0.9 on FC3 if it matters. If I switch to a different theme, the OK button comes back and I can make changes so it’s not a complete show stopper. Email for any additional info you need.

  34. Thomas Baker says:

    Well I just discovered that it doesn’t remove them, they’re just not drawn unless I increase the size of the preference dialog box. There’s plenty of room for them to be drawn, they just aren’t until I resize the dialog. Seems the Cancel/OK buttons are drawn below the level of the white box containing the icons on the left and the default size of the dialog is not bug taller than that.

  35. Thomas Baker says:

    that would be “and the default size of the dialog is not MUCH taller than that.”

  36. Youenn says:

    I have just upgraded my distrib (Debian Potatoe unstable) and now it is impossible to download anything from the net. I tried with firefox, mozilla and even konqueror but it is still “freezing” when I try to download a file from my mailbox or from a site. I have never had problems before.
    Any idea ?
    Thank you,

  37. James Lademann says:

    Hi there,

    I’m experiencing the Download Manager right-click crash problem with 1.0.10 and both the latest precompiled binary and a binary I built myself. Default theme is fine.


  38. RamaSubbu SK says:

    Right click on Download is crashing still. So it is very difficult for me to use this industrial, till that is fixed. 🙁 When it will be ready, with that fix ?

  39. James Lademann says:

    Hi there,
    Tracked down the part of downloads.css that causes the crash…at least I think I have. Not at home so I’m having to use windoze xp, but it experiences the same crash.
    Anyway, on windows at least it’s:

    label:last-child {
    font-size: 95%;
    -moz-opacity: 0.5;

    hat out and all is well....


  40. James Lademann says:


    More specifically it appears to be the line

    -moz-opacity: 0.5;

    Setting it to 1.0 fixes the crash…

  41. James Lademann says:

    Hi again, anyone bored with me yet? 🙂
    Bizarrely, setting it to
    -moz-opacity: 50%
    which is the exact equivalent seems to fix the crashing too…a bug in Firefox methinks

  42. Thanks for finding out the issue and providing the solution! It is now fixed in the latest version (1.0.11), which will be uploaded shortly.

  43. kh says:

    It looks neat, in a kind of “geek technology fascination” kind of way.

    Sadly, it’s just not usable. It makes it look the same (mostly, except where it doesn’t), but it still doesn’t act the same.

    So with a stock Firefox, the widgets act different, but they also look different. When I switch to that window it’s obvious to my subconscious that I have to work in a slightly different way than with normal Gnome applications.

    Firefox with this Industrial-like theme looks great for screenshots, but it’s horrible to actually use. When I’m not consciously thinking about what application I’m using, I see Gnome-like widgets and think I can use them as I can normal Gnome widgets. So whenever I switch applications (to or from Firefox), I have to stop and think. Stop and think = work slower, and work slower = bad. I want to think about my work, not about what toolkits were used to build the program I’m using.

    If you made Firefox use actual Gnome controls, that would be awsome. If you fixed Galeon/Epiphany so they had an interface as nice as Firefox, that would also be awsome. I would use either of those programs.

    Another person’s similar viewpoint:$133

    So I applaud the technical work, though I think it’s moving the actual product backwards.

  44. kh says:

    It looks like your blog is trying to turn URLs into links automatically, and failing miserably. I’ll try to do it myself: link.

  45. Shockwav3 says:

    broken download manager tweak extension only issue i’ve found with the skin, otherwise great work, keep it up.

  46. […] Garrett LeSage wydał właśnie wersję 1.0.5 najbardziej gnomowej skórki dla Firefoksa, którą już raz tu reklamowałem. Nowa wersja Industrial for Firefox poza rozmaitymi zmianami i poprawkami nie ma już najbardziej irytującego buga z błednym wyświetlaniem ikon w dialogu “Zapisz jako…”, o którego poprawienie uparcie molestowałem autora skórki 🙂 […]