“Pulling Back the Curtain”

NPR’s On the Media recently had a show revealing some of the behind-the-scenes production magic that the network performs. The transcript is an interesting read — and there’s a link to the audio version as well (in RealAudio).


4 Responses to ““Pulling Back the Curtain””

  1. Brian Fahrlander says:

    Wow; did they show the part where people brainstorm to figure out how George Bush is to blame for their ills? :> (History of the Twinkie, indeed.)

    Shame is, other than a couple of headlines they carry the _deepest_ news variety. For the last two weeks there’s nothing’s happened whatsoever then the Tsunami, if the main news sources were any measure…

  2. jyoseph says:

    wow, that gallery (from the link your provided) is really nice looking. and it’s GPL, awesome. Thanks for the link.

  3. jyoseph says:

    . . . 30 minutes later. . .
    Whoa that looks confusing to install. I think I’m too much of a novice to tackle that. You guys are so talented, dang.

  4. James Archer says:

    I Was Media Sausage
    Having been on NPR recently, I can vouch for the fact that they do indeed work some serious editing magic—and I wouldn’t have it any other way.