Soy biodiesel?

Willie Nelson is peddling biodiesel based on soy. I wonder what sort of health concerns it would cause with people like me, who happen to be allergic to soy.


5 Responses to “Soy biodiesel?”

  1. ffub says:

    Almost none. It goes in your fuel tank – do you think petrol is good for you? I’m allergic to some of the household cleaning products that are so popular, but marigolds make them usable. I fail to see how a steel fuel tank would not provide these levels of protection.

  2. Trae McCombs says:

    Yeah well, You were allergic to Chocolate too, and you got over that. Maybe with Soy powered cars, you’d build up an immunity to soy and then you can enjoy those yummy soy dishes again.


  3. you won’t be affected by biodiesel. it’s basically the fat contents of the soy bean, which will be transformed into H2O and CO2 during the burning, and the minute amount of proteins included (if any) will be destroyed by the heat generated in the engine.
    I’d say that you should be safe, as long as you don’t spill some on you…

  4. Robert says:

    jajaja, the first I readed the title of this post I thougth that you were saying “Am I biodiesel?”. I was still on Spanish mode 😛

  5. what happends to you when you are exposed to soy?