Galleries and directory browsing are back!

I spent this past night working on my photo gallery and directory browsing. Both now work once more. In fact, I have made a bunch of improvements to the photo gallery — it’s much quicker, looks nicer, and has progressive rendering.



3 Responses to “Galleries and directory browsing are back!”

  1. chris [flip] mecca says:

    what.. a… night.

  2. Andrei says:

    Hi, i’ve found your gallery and dir browsing very interesting – is it a plugin for wordpress or did you make it yourself?

  3. paint says:

    so sorry you’ve left savannah … I’m from NY my self and miss the snow . we’ve opened the first Linux only shop in the US , down in the historic district.

    and have initiated a logo contest . please spread the word . were trying to resurrect a LUG down her also . alfter SNAFUU and SLUG kinda fizzled .

    also i’m a VSFX student at SCAD , you stuff is great .

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