Hula, Open Source mail and calendar server

Today, Novell has announced Hula, a new Open Source project based on NetMail’s code. Hula is a calendar and mail server.

The Hula Logo

I designed the logo, the website, and the web interface for Hula itself and worked with a bunch of great developers while doing so. It was a lot of work and quite fun to help make this project a reality.

Even though it was announced just a few hours ago, it is already generating some buzz in the news — and many people (including those on the new IRC channel #hula, on are psyched.

Nat has a lot of info about Hula on his blog.

Also, check out the screenshots.

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5 Responses to “Hula, Open Source mail and calendar server”

  1. […] s to have the most detail, including links to screenshots (which are very pretty thanks to Garrett LeSage’s great graphic and UI design. As Nat goes on to say: We will build a J […]

  2. Jonathan Turner says:

    It’s beautiful. Have you thought about doing a theme for Gnome so it too could have a more fluid interface?

  3. Brad Griffith says:

    Garret has designed a theme – Redhat’s Bluecurve. He is no longer maintaining it, obviously, because he is at Novell.

  4. Nice work, Garrett. Good to know you haven’t been goofing off up north 8)

  5. paul says:

    I ‘ve install Hula but was unable to logg into the webinterface neither the user interface.pls any help

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