Canon’s latest camera: The Digital Rebel XT (350D)

Canon has just announced the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT (350D), the latest version of their Digital Rebel. It looks like it would be a great camera upgrade. DP Review already has a nice review of the camera, complete with tons of specs.

I personally need a wheel on the back (which means I’ll be holding out for the 30D or whatever the 20D++ may be called). Other than that, the 350D is very tempting…


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  1. Bo Jordan says:

    I’m curious: Do you just prefer the feel and speed of a wheel vs. the directional buttons, or is there some function the 20D-style selector gives you that you just can’t get with the 350D’s?

    (I think you can use the back circle buttons on the 350D to select aperture, etc., rather than having to use the top dial, which has me excited. One of my gripes with the original Digital Rebel is having to hit the back button to toggle on aperture selection — and then reach on top to dial in the change… at least in manual mode. This can be a tricky maneuver with frozen fingers.)

  2. And I wondered how’s Canon going to sell the 20D now that the 350 looks to be all I’d want from a camera. Hell of course! a wheel! It seems to be the trick with ipods as well 😉

  3. Jakub: Yeah, really true. Also, the 20D introduced a joystick too.

    So it has a joystick and a wheel — it’s starting to sound like a video game. (;

  4. Pascal says:

    Yeah, you’re right Jakub.

    350D has all I don’t have on my 300D (which can be partially got with “hacked” firmware), especially expo and AF modes, FEC and 2nd curtain sync.

    waiting for a 200D or whatever will replace the 350D to get it cheap to replace the 300D 😉

  5. LIK says:

    20D is too expensive for me, I really prefer 350D because the function is enough for me. Well, by the way is 350 in the market currently??

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