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Photos: Acadia, day 1

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2005

I just posted the first set of pictures from my fall trip to Acadia. They’re from the first day of my trip.

Here’s a preview:

Tall bridge, neat tree
The tall bridge to Acadia
Entering the park
Entering the park
Nice trees
Pale trees, colorful leaves
Big hill
A big hill
Ocean waves
Ocean waves pounding the rocky shore
You can see a lot from the top
You can see a lot from the top
Sunset 1
The sunset begins
Sunset 2
Sunset, part 2

The sunset was amazing, the leaves were pretty colorful (although a few fellow photographers told me that other years have been brilliantly better), and being outside in nature was wonderful.

These are just a few pictures from the first day. I have more to come (and also the second half of the Utah trip). Stay tuned…

Until then, check out all of the photos from day 1 of Acadia.


Friday, March 18th, 2005

CameraHacks has just been officially launched!

Camera Hacks is a brand new community website to share information in the form of original tips, tricks, tutorials, and links to useful webpages for everyone with a camera.

Anyone can sign up and submit content; it’s a community weblog that I set up for sharing information about photography. Check it out.

Little creature wandering through the snow

Friday, March 11th, 2005

This past evening, I was walking toward my car and spotted a poor little creature walking around through the piles of snow. My initial reaction was compassion toward what I thought was a stray cat left out in the freezing weather.

I crossed the street, slowly walking closer to the little furry animal.

In the darkness of night, only a couple feet away from the creature, I realized it was a skunk! Slowly, I walked backwards and found my way to my car.

I had a reverse PepĂ© Le Pew moment when what I thought was a cat turned out to actually be a skunk. I still felt bad for the little thing (although I’m glad I did not have to get rid of skunk stench).

Apparently, it isn’t so uncommon to have friendly neighborhood skunks in the Boston area.

Of course, it could have just been a cat who walked under some wet paint…

How to cope with massive amounts of email

Friday, March 11th, 2005

Have a lot of email? Don’t know what to do? Put off reading your massive stash of messages right now and read an informative article entitled Tips for Mastering E-mail Overload from Harvard (just right down the street).

It begins with great examples of how to improve your own email and then launches into how to cope with other people’s messages.

The article doesn’t really cover spam so much, so here are a few links on the topic of junk email:
* IMAP Spam Begone – use SpamAssassin over IMAP (great if you don’t have shell access to the server)
* POPFile and K9 are similar, but for POP instead of IMAP
* The SpamBayes project includes both POP and IMAP and also includes a procmail filter and an Outlook plugin (for those who care about that stuff)
*‘s web-based relay test (make sure your email server isn’t an open relay)
* Lots of links for spam+email keywords
* Finally, a bit of fun with SPAM: Spamusement – it’s like explodingdog, but with spam as inspiration for illustrations instead of user-contributed subject lines

Shoot the sky!

Thursday, March 10th, 2005

The project is simple:

Take a foto of the sky on the 11th of March and send it to

Sky 2 project wants people to send in a picture of the sky no matter the location nor time on the face of the Earth… and they want everyone to snap a picture tomorrow.

Getting Firefox to mimic Opera, IE, Safari, a GNOME application

Thursday, March 10th, 2005

First there was the project to get Firefox to be a total drop-in lookalike for Internet explorer, and now there’s FirefoxOpera, a project that makes Firefox look and almost like Opera.

Also of note: Safari-Look for Firefox coupled with Fusion
(for the progress bar in the URL area), Firefoxy (for nicer form wigets), and Metallifizer for the window border elements makes Firefox resemble Safari a good bit.

Of course, there’s always Industrial for Firefox which makes Firefox look and feel like a GNOME application. (A theme by yours truly — and I even talk about it on from time to time…)

All of this goes to show how flexible Mozilla Firefox can be.

Scribbling to color: a great way to colorize black and white photography and video

Wednesday, March 9th, 2005

A recently released paper demonstrates a stunning technique: color from black and white with a few scribbles!

This is really nifty stuff and makes me wonder how long it will take before:
# This shows up in a Gimp plugin
# Ted Turner gets his hands on this and start releasing new colorized movies
# Someone makes an all-color version of Young Frankenstein and releases it (or at least some clips) on the ‘Net
# The site gets noticed and the person behind the site realizes that PNGs would have been a much better choice than BMPs to post on their website — JPEGs at a high enough quality setting should have also been acceptable

I can see additional uses for this sort of technique too: Intelligent masking and an improved selection wand are two things (pertaining to image editing) which immediately come to mind.