The fate of #photography

As you may or may not be aware, #photography has been affected by the (relatively) new policy at Freenode. There has been a lot of discussion, both on IRC and also on my website.

I had a conversation with Rob Levin (lilo) Saturday night (after he was invited into our IRC channel) and he made a very good point: It might be nice if the group of people on #photography actually had an identity outside of simply “the group of people from #photography on Freenode” (paraphrase).

What should this group of people be called? That’s a good question. We’ve been working on an answer.

John Edgar (who goes by the nickname of ‘neom‘) owns the domain I happen to have the soon-to-be-officialy-launched We both have two good names to choose from right there. I personally think #photogeeks fits the channel better. John agrees.

Rob (lilo) told me last night that he could set up a redirect from #photography to #photogeeks. Interestingly enough, he also stated that #photography could remain for the time being, apart from any possible channel reset.

Decisions, decisions.

I think the correct route to pursue is to start using #photogeeks sometime in the very near future. The benefits of having an official site and official channel with the same name are pretty decent. Also, it makes it so our identity as a group is not tied in directly with IRC.

If you’re at all interested in the matter at hand, please leave a comment on this post.


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  1. neom says:

    I believe that moving into #photogeeks and setting up a redirect to that channel from #photography would be a very suitable resolve to the matter at hand. In doing so, we will settle a few important issues. Firstly, we will not have to fight will freenode, the channel will be ours and we can continue to talk freely without interruption. I feel right now we are sort of trying to circumvent a policy put in place for a reason, and maybe we shouldn’t be doing that.

    This will also give us the opportunity to set up as a proper community. Currently, we are the planet and the irc channel. However, if we become the photo geeks, we will have the ability to grow into, well whatever we want to become. The site( can be developed, and we can use it to host the planet, a community forums, galleries, photographers profiles, critics, whatever. In conjunction that, we will have the ability to sister that site with camerahacks, this will enable us to cover the more technical side of photography while staying very much a social entity, something I feel is extremely important.

    The redirect will also prevent people from missing us.

    New photographer comes along.

    /join #photography — automatic –> #photogeeks

    I understand that many of the long standing community members feel that we are basically being forced out. Well, maybe we are.. however, we must bare in mind this is not our network, nor ours to run. And when someone makes a rule.. I would expect us to follow it.

    Please note, the website is not mine, but belongs to the community as a whole. Anyone who wishes to develop it is most welcome too, provided it takes a direction that is best for the photohraphy community.

  2. Josh says:

    This sounds like a decent compromise to me. It certainly is much better than moving to another network, and it also has the potential of turning into something much better than we have now. I’m in favor of it.

  3. Tybstar says:

    #photogeeks works for me. I don’t want to move networks, obviously, and if it fits into lilo’s rules, well, I guess that’s bonus. We already have a planet under that name. Here’s +1 for #photogeeks…

  4. Works fine for me – the people are the important part anyway, not the channel name.

    The thing is, you heard #photography most likely from someone. Knowing someone who is in the channel is pretty likely the most common way of finding the place. So #photogeeks is just as fine in that sense.

  5. Andre Kretynien says:

    bravo, bravisimo

  6. Doug Alcorn says:

    I think #photogeeks is fine too. However, it’s worth noting that I guessed the #photography channel name.

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