Getting Firefox to mimic Opera, IE, Safari, a GNOME application

First there was the project to get Firefox to be a total drop-in lookalike for Internet explorer, and now there’s FirefoxOpera, a project that makes Firefox look and almost like Opera.

Also of note: Safari-Look for Firefox coupled with Fusion
(for the progress bar in the URL area), Firefoxy (for nicer form wigets), and Metallifizer for the window border elements makes Firefox resemble Safari a good bit.

Of course, there’s always Industrial for Firefox which makes Firefox look and feel like a GNOME application. (A theme by yours truly — and I even talk about it on from time to time…)

All of this goes to show how flexible Mozilla Firefox can be.


2 Responses to “Getting Firefox to mimic Opera, IE, Safari, a GNOME application”

  1. michel v says:

    On making Firefox look like a Gnome app: I have also read about a patch to make Firefox use the current gtk+ icon theme when it comes to the navigation bar, I should see if I can find it again and test it, and report if it still works. 🙂
    That’ll be the occasion to apply the gtk+ filepicker patch, too.

  2. restrex says:

    yea Safari-Look for Firefox at macosx, cool =)

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