Have a lot of email? Don’t know what to do? Put off reading your massive stash of messages right now and read an informative article entitled Tips for Mastering E-mail Overload from Harvard (just right down the street).

It begins with great examples of how to improve your own email and then launches into how to cope with other people’s messages.

The article doesn’t really cover spam so much, so here are a few links on the topic of junk email:

  • IMAP Spam Begone – use SpamAssassin over IMAP (great if you don’t have shell access to the server)

  • POPFile and K9 are similar, but for POP instead of IMAP

  • The SpamBayes project includes both POP and IMAP and also includes a procmail filter and an Outlook plugin (for those who care about that stuff)

  • Abuse.net‘s web-based relay test (make sure your email server isn’t an open relay)

  • Lots of del.icio.us links for spam+email keywords

  • Finally, a bit of fun with SPAM: Spamusement – it’s like explodingdog, but with spam as inspiration for illustrations instead of user-contributed subject lines