Little creature wandering through the snow

This past evening, I was walking toward my car and spotted a poor little creature walking around through the piles of snow. My initial reaction was compassion toward what I thought was a stray cat left out in the freezing weather.

I crossed the street, slowly walking closer to the little furry animal.

In the darkness of night, only a couple feet away from the creature, I realized it was a skunk! Slowly, I walked backwards and found my way to my car.

I had a reverse Pepé Le Pew moment when what I thought was a cat turned out to actually be a skunk. I still felt bad for the little thing (although I’m glad I did not have to get rid of skunk stench).

Apparently, it isn’t so uncommon to have friendly neighborhood skunks in the Boston area.

Of course, it could have just been a cat who walked under some wet paint…

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3 Responses to “Little creature wandering through the snow”

  1. Sonny says:

    Kudos to you! I hadn’t thuoght of that!

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  3. Hai Rennetje, Had je Peter Olsthoorn niet even moeten noemen? Die heeft immers ooit die vacatures bedacht… (Los van het feit of we er verder goed mee door een deur kunnen, is het wel zo netjes om “ere wie ere toekomt” toe te passen…

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