Random works

Totally random stuff:
* Mozart minuet
* SCIgen – automatic CS paper generator
* Gnoetry – nice random poetry
* Color palettes
* Kittens
* Essay (you can make it about anything you want too…)
* Generated names
* Various words
* DadaDodo – the classic random tool
* Random WikiPedia page (not to be confused with Wikipedia’s page on random)
* True random

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2 Responses to “Random works”

  1. zebulon says:

    I bookmarked the Color palettes thingy, because that’s the kind of thing that turns out to be really useful one day or another, especially for guys like me, who have no real artistic skills. Thanks for pointing us 🙂

  2. Taz says:

    You missed random spam!

    zebulon might be interested in strange Banana: http://www.strangebanana.com/generator.aspx

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