Google MBTA

First Chicago’s Transit Authority. Now it’s T time for Google Maps, thanks to Firefox and Greasemonkey.

Everyone in the Boston area using Firefox (with Greasemonkey installed) will love this. (:

Update: Lots of info has been released, along with a call to improve the service.

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6 Responses to “Google MBTA”

  1. Duncan Mak says:

    Hey Garrett,

    The site is down, can you put the js file up here on your site?


  2. Duncan, the greasemonkey script depends on the site working, unfortunately. ):

  3. Ben Kahn says:

    So this isn’t really all that great. There are dozens of the maps on their web site and this is only using one of them. It’s too small of an area to really be useful.

  4. Ben, perhaps we can do better, as we talked about yesterday? (:

  5. This relates and I thought i might be useful…
    I’ve been looking for a new house in the Boston area recently and found myself wanting to know 2 things about each address:
    1. How long to drive to my work on 495?
    2. How long for my wife to ride to Back Bay?
    I wrote an extension to do that. I’ve recently extended it to work with any Boston area addresses.

    Highlight address… get directions driving or riding the T to/from it:

  6. Brian, thanks for poiting out your extension. I’m going to install it right now.

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