The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy was entertaining and funny, despite what a few others may say. I thoroughly enjoyed it this evening — and did not have any complaints except Zaphod’s head-in-the-neck thing instead of being a true second head.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you should. Be sure to sit through the credits long enough to see the last little entry to the H2G2.


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  1. Kevin Gerich says:

    I loved the way they did the improbablility drive effects. I’m a H2G2 nut, having seen, heard and read most of the incarnations, so I went in to the movie with low expectations. The movie could have been geekier, more intellectual than it was, but it was a good try.

  2. meikili says:

    I write in german, because my english is so:

    Bei meiner Bildersuche (die ich ab und an aus Langeweile und Lust betreibe) bin ich auf Eure Webside gestoßen und bin total begeistert. Man erkennt in den unzähligen und vorallem wunderschönen Fotos Eure Liebe zum Leben auf dieser Erde! In jedem Foto spiegelt sich die unendliche Schönheit der Natur und unserer Umwelt wieder, die mit nötigem Respekt und Sinn für Ästhetik betrachtet, wahre Wunder birgt. Wunder, die es zu entdecken lohnt!

    Viele allerliebste Grüße aus Deutschland


  3. Michaela,

    Thanks such a kind compliment!

    According to Google’s translation service, it was:

    “With my picture search (which I operate now and then from boredom and desire) I am discovered your Webside and am totally inspired. One recognizes beautiful photos your love for the life on this earth in the innumerable and all! In each photo the infinite beauty of the nature and our environment is reflected again, which with necessary respect and sense for aesthetics regard, true miracles saves. Miracle, which is worth to discover it! Many all-dearest greetings from Germany, Michaela”

  4. zebulon says:

    Michaela, you might also want to take a look at Jimmac’s gallery (if it’s not already done) :

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