Lost stuff

All of you Lost fans (who also are geeks) might get a kick out of Lost Explained! It’s very zorky.

Also, more Lost-related stuff:
* Sawyer’s wittiest quotes
* Lost Haikus
* DriveSHAFT’s website
* Oceanic Air’s website

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2 Responses to “Lost stuff”

  1. Chris DiBona says:

    On the oceanic website, see if you can change flight 777 into 815 into 500. When it flicks to 500, the plane becomes a dc-3. It creeps me out. Love that show. (hi Garret, we’re still waiting for pics of the destroyed car. Glad you’re okay!)

  2. I actually do have pics of the car and of the scene; I took them when I went to the tow company to take things out of the car. I’ll try to get them up this weekend.

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