Ever wanted to see crime statistics in Massachusetts? How would you like to look at an overview of the outrageous house prices? There’s all that and much more at MassStats, a neat, interactive map site that provides visualizations of census data.

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  1. Adrian Custer says:


    “Crime”!? No, not crime. Only certain, very particular types of crime. So let’s think a momment about the consequences of talking about “crime” in this way. Who benefits from this discussion? How does it change the way we think about the spatiality of “crime” and their authors? Aha, the crimes being discussed are predominatly the types of crimes comitted by a certain segment of society! Hmmm.

    Oh, and then it turns out there is a fundamental problem in spatial stats called:
    that essentially means that none of these maps tell us reliably anything. It’s a bit as if regression analysis did not tell us anything about the underlying trend in the data. So these maps are easy to generate and very hard to use for good analysis.

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