Is that an iPod in my pocket or am I just getting my ears tugged?

Having an iPod (or any other comparable music device) is great. You get to listen to the music you want to, wherever you are. There are also audiobooks and podcasts galore. (The best podcasts are heavily edited, and usually seem to currently be extensions of currently airing radio shows.)

I walk around with my iPod. I’m pretty tall. I also like deep pockets (the kind that you can keep gadgets and keys in).

Unfortunately, my new Sony replacement ear buds are too short! When I’m walking around with certain pants (with large pockets), I get my right ear tugged from time to time.

Tonight I visited the mall and check both Radio Shack and the Apple store. Neither had a small headphone cord extender; in fact, Radio Shack’s shortest is 8 feet long!

Does anyone have a suggestion on how I can fix the headphone cord problem?

(Keep in mind that I just bought these new headphones and I do like them when they’re not pulling on my ear.)

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15 Responses to “Is that an iPod in my pocket or am I just getting my ears tugged?”

  1. 1) Buy a larger extension cord, cut it open, solder and fuse it back together shorter
    2) Buy a real male/female plug/socket set and solder it together.
    3) Spend more time in centerfuges to compress your spine.

  2. jo says:

    dont cut it, headphones have really messy cabling inside (the ground “wire” is really just a mess of threads of copper twisted around the whole cable acting as a shield.

  3. Lloyd says:

    Just in case you don’t find a wired solution to your ear-tugging problem, you might want to check out Ten Technology’s naviPlay system. Playlist reviewed the naviPlay alongside other bluetooth headphone systems a while ago and they liked it because you use your favorite headphones. One possible downside though is its price—$199.

  4. AdamW says:

    Buy the Radio Shack one, and a cable tie.

  5. AdamW:

    That’s rather large for my pocket, especially when I’m walking around. (:

  6. Josh says:

    I’m not sure if they still have them, but a while back I bought an inline volume control pigtail thing for my headphones. it’s approx. 8-12 inches long but works great as an extension (even if you don’t use the volume control.)

  7. Josh says:

    Me again. 🙂 After a quick search on radioshack’s website i found this.

  8. Bastien says:

    Same problem with my Sont earphones (after the original iPod earbuds died, after 3 years), and I use the remote control that came with the iPod as an extension.

  9. quackeroo says:

    Simple! Only wear shirts with a front pocket and put your iPod in there!

  10. Bastien: My iPod didn’t come with a remote — but they do sell one seperate. It is $40 and includes yet another set of Apple headphones, so I don’t think it’s the right route for me.

  11. I get my right ear tugged from time to time.

    Simple: put it in your left pocket.

  12. Bryan: It’s in my left pocket when it tugs my right ear; when I put it in my right pocket, not only does it feel unnatural, it also likes to tug my left ear.

    But yeah, funny stuff. (:

  13. Not really funny, but thanks for saying so 8)

    I actually had to replace the headphones on my ipod a week ago, and I noticed that the cord is a bit shorter than the ones that came with it. Fortunately I’m not a tall as you so it’s not really an issue.

  14. mcs says:

    Aside from getting the same setup that I have not quite sure what to suggest. 🙂
    I have a pair of Shure e2c buds, the kind that run the wire over and behind the ear and are connected at the back of one’s neck, very comfortable IMO. A bit pricey but the quality is superb and they block out most outside noise. (Its quite odd using them at first since one can’t really hear anything except the music.)
    The way I have it setup the cable runs down the back, inside the shirt and plugs into a Cowon m3 on a belt holster, and since the m3 has a nifty remote I clip that onto the leg pocket on the right side. Loop the loose wires around the player a few times and everything is very sleek and compact, and no ear tugging. 8)

  15. Luna East says:

    1.) Buy a jacket with an inside pocket and put the iPod in there
    2.) Buy an iPod belt-clip…
    3.) Buy an armband that holds the ipod… and of course goes on your arm…
    4.) depending on what KIND of iPod you have… there are lots of belt-clip cases.

    Hope this helps! also it’s a pretty neat way to protect your iPod and make it look even…cooler/hotter…

    ~Luna East

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