New residence

We’re in a new place (as of a week and a day ago). We can breathe again. Hooray.


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  1. Mark Nelson says:

    That’s great Garrett,

    How did it go moving out of your other place?


  2. Mark,

    We got everything moved out in a day and a half. It was a lot of hard work (we both even had to take days off to get it done), and we were exhausted afterward. (We we tired of moving before that move even…)

    Anyway, we love the new place; it’s like a night and day difference.

  3. Matt Evans says:

    I expect will be seeing some pictures of the new place soon? My place sucks, so I like to see pictures of people who have cooler homes than me.

  4. Mark Nelson says:


    That’s great. I’m glad to hear you found a nice place, the other one sounded absolutely terrible!

    Were you able to get out of the contract and get your deposit back?


  5. ElCoronel says:

    Good to hear you’ve got out of that other place. And yes, we must get photos of the new place posted!

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