Day of *hic* of *hic*… well, you get the *hic* idea

I’ve had hiccups for most of today –since this morning when shopping for rugs (for the new place), in fact. I still have not normalized, as the hiccups have not completely gone away yet. (Hopefully it’ll happen soon. Of course, it could be worse.)

On the up side, I got some awesome moccasins that almost make it feel like I’m walking barefoot.


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  1. Trae McCombs says:

    Sure fire way to cure them… {sounds retarded but it’s never failed me}

    My grandmother, Nana, on my Father’s side taught me this:

    Fill a tall glass with water. I suggest a clear glass, but it doesn’t really matter.

    Take a paper towel, yes, a Paper towel, and put it OVER the top of the glass.

    Now, take a deep breath. Yes, Deeper….. DEEPER! heh, and then drink, THROUGH THE PAPER TOWEL until the glass is empty.

    Sit back in amazement and wonder (with your wet paper towel) and be in Awe of the hiccups that are now gone.


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