Having problems with slow GTK+ file selector dialogs? Try this solution.

I was having an issue where any gnome-vfs enabled file selector would take several minutes to appear. This issue had been bugging me all day, as it would take nearly five minutes to do a simple save in the GIMP.

After a frustrating time to figure it out, I discovered that there was a URI pointing to an IP address that no longer existed in the ~/.gtk-bookmarks file. After removing that line (which did not show up in the file selector, by-the-way), everything returned to being appropriately zippy.

If you are also having the same problem (at least a few other people I have talked to seem to have seen this issue before), I highly suggest editing the .gtk-bookmarks file and remove the offending the line.

Update: Martin, thanks for pointing out the link to the bug in Bugzilla. (:


6 Responses to “Having problems with slow GTK+ file selector dialogs? Try this solution.”

  1. Martin says:

    How about filing a bug? 😉

  2. Martin says:

    Seems this is already filed as http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=155420 . Sorry for the spam.

  3. Yeah, it was already filed — I really should’ve linked to it.

    The fact that a few other people around the office experienced the problem made me think that it would be useful to blog.

  4. Thanks, reading your blog really helped me.

  5. Tim Finer says:

    Also, thanks. The speed of my GTK File/Open dialogs sucked something fierce.

  6. Andrew Lucas says:


    was searching for a fix for slow file open and save as conditions under suse sled10. My .gtk-bookmarks file had a samba entry that was not appropriate and deleting it has worked a treat.

    thanks for the tip.

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