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Welcome to my website’s new site design! Hopefully things don’t break too horribly (especially in IE, which, at the time of writing this, is totally untested).

It is a work in progress, as there is more planned. I figured that I could either tweak things more or release something that’s probably complete enough.

Let me know what you think… (and also if you happen to spot any buglets.)


18 Responses to “New site design”

  1. Benni says:

    To me, the left sidebar doesn’t fit in. The grey is a bit distracting

  2. toni says:

    Say, is that text shadowing I see in the sidebar? Or is it just color effect? Or is it my eyes make fun of me?

    Anyway, neat design :).

  3. Nermal says:

    Mmmmm.. very nice 🙂
    Seems to have a more defined appearance than the last design which is a good thing 🙂

  4. Allea says:

    I dig the colors, especially next to the photos at the top.

  5. Dial_tone says:

    I wish I had just an iota of the artistic talent you have. Life can be so unfair.

  6. Looks like some progress is being done on getting the site looking good in Internet Explorer. Though if you can’t get it looking proper there’s always the option of a blatant download link to get Firefox or equivalent. 😉

  7. skTrdie says:

    Hey, I was wondering if the scrolling was kinda laggy for you.

  8. Looks great. One issue though — and this may be a feature, not a bug — is that when I maximize or unmaximize the browser window, a new set of thumbnail images is downloaded and displayed at the top of the page. This is in Mozilla 1.7.7 on Linux.

    OK, and also, as I just tried to post this message, I got this:

    faultCode0faultStringFatal error:Cannot access empty property in /home/garrett/sites/ on line 150

  9. Trae McCombs says:

    icky form widgets…

    other than that, roxx0r!


  10. *toni*: There are shadows in browsers which support the text-shadow CSS property.

    *Nermal*: Yes, the last design was the start of something, but I never got enough time to actually finish it. The reason it went live was because I had to upgrade WordPress and not have a “me too” default theme.

    *Joel*: Yeah, it doesn’t work right in IE (yet). I’ll fix it soon.

    *skTrdie*: Scrolling works fine here. This new theme is using transparent PNG backgrounds set to “fixed” so that they slide along. What browser / OS / and sort of machine are you using?

    *Anthony*: That’s actually intended; the thumbnails are fetched through some AJAXified Javascript. The Javascript computes the number of thumbnails based on the width of the page in your browser and requests that many pictures to show up, so that you don’t need to load more pictures than necessary, yet the pictures should always flow across (and fill) the page.

    Also, I’ll see what’s going on with regards to the error in a minute, when I post this comment. *Update*: I have no clue what’s going on. When you get that error, things are posted, however… It’s still a pain and I’ll see if I can try to get it resolved soon. It appears to be related to the “spam karma” plugin I’m using, fwiw.

    *Trae*: I haven’t styled the form widgets yet, so you’re seeing the default. I plan to style them up a bit, especially now that you pointed it out. (:

  11. skTrdie says:

    Yea, I can see the transparent png that stays in the footer, it’s nice… but I was guessing this lagging is actually a consequence of not having 3d acceleration enabled, because I have a powerbook 12″ with Debian, it’s an nvidia graphic card, so only 2d acceleration is available. And cuz of this I get a laggy scrolling only on heavy stuff. Also this implies on stuff like draggin windows around on my GNOME desktop, it’s not very laggy there, but it’s not fluent and smooth as OS X.

    I was also thinking of buying a new x86 portable that could take the place of my 12″ powerbook, to be 100% compatible under Linux (also when it comes to this draggin stuff and smoothness around the desktop), and also keep my extreme portability.
    Would be great if you could give me some advice.
    thnx… nice theme btw

  12. I have an ATI card in my IBM laptop (which runs Linux). “lspci” reports that it is specifically an “ATI Technologies Inc M10 NT [FireGL Mobility T2] (rev 80)” It is not 3d accelerated; I am only using the standard open source drivers, and at 1600×1200. Still, things are quite smooth on version 1.0.6 of Firefox.

    On my Powerbook, running OS X, things are smooth in both Firefox and Safari… however, OS X, as you know, is quite accelerated hardware-wise. I can make the fixed graphics normal, at the bottom of the page, and that will probably fix the scrolling for you if you’d like.

  13. skTrdie says:

    Don’t worry, It must be my problem for the laggy scrolling, I was actually realising it’s just a little, it’s not that bad.

    About the portable thing, do you think I should go for a x86 to replace my powerbook?

  14. skTrdie: I changed the background to not be fixed; it’s fine either way.

    As far as the laptop is concerned, I’ve been happy with both my Mac running OS X and the IBM T42p which runs Linux quite well. I’d suggest going for something smaller, unless you really like high-resolution displays. (The 42p has 1600×1200 on a 15″ display, which is nice.) It really depends on what you want to do with it. Your laptop might be good enough for now; perhaps a memory upgrade might breathe new life into it (when I upgraded the ram on my Mac, it helped a lot — it’s now at 1.5G — of course, I do graphics sutff in Illustrator on it, too… I also have 1G of ram on my Linux box for the GIMP as well.)

  15. skTrdie says:

    Basically I was looking for something as big as the powerbook 12″, if not smaller… I really dont care about screen res. and really prefer portability, also battery life I care about.
    I’ve also seen some laptop without cd drive, that is cool because it leave more space for other important stuff like wireless connections, or usb ports, or even battery…
    so I was looking somethingthat could fit in this…
    I guess THinkpad X series are very nice, like the X40, but I dunno.. maybe you know something cheaper, yet good.
    thnx let me know

  16. SchAmane says:

    Its very nice work, i like this design much more than old one!
    Make more screenshots 😉

  17. Garrett, I often visit your site and like the look of more than one of the random thumbnail photos. I used to be able to click on one, then go back, and click on the other, but with the new AJAX technique, it refreshes as soon as I go back. Unless I remember my browser supports tabs, of course.

    I just find it a bit annoying that the images change whenever the browser is resized or the page is gone “back” to. It would be nice if the number of images grew or shrunk to fit the size of the page when these things happen, but have the images stay the same, only changing when specifically reloading the page.

    I’m probably in the minority here of course, so ignoring me is completely fine.

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