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2005 Boston Summit

Wednesday, September 28th, 2005

It’s amazing to think that the 2005 Boston Summit is right around the corner… just a week and a half away!

Rent or buy?

Wednesday, September 28th, 2005

In many parts of the country, it can make a lot of sense to buy a home. Not so for Boston, New York, or the Bay Area, if the New York Times is right.

This makes me feel not-so-bad for not having the desire to purchase a super-expensive, overpriced old shack in the Boston area.


Tuesday, September 27th, 2005

Floating Island” is basically a minature recreation (with live trees and grass) of Central Park, but on a garbage scow, currently being tugged around New York’s harbor.

As the captian of the tugboat was dragging around the minipark, he noticed a speedboat carrying a miniature version of a bright orange minigate!

According to the New York Times article (previous link), the anonymous art “pirates” hauling the minigate thought that they thought the ‘Gates’ project “was stupid” and that they wanted to make a joke about it and this new Central Park based public art piece.


On creating an icon monster…

Thursday, September 15th, 2005

I fully agree with Tuomas regarding the over-use of icons everywhere.

You can, in fact, set GTK+ (and thus, GNOME) applications to not display button icons. At first it may seem a little weird (as you may not be used to it), but not having icons in the dialog buttons will probably grow on you over a short time.

Here’s what you type in a terminal (or in the run dialog entry form if you hit alt-f2 or select “Run Application…” from your main menu) to turn off the button images:

echo gtk-button-images=0 >> ~/.gtkrc-2.0

(For those who may not know, it simply appends the text “gtk-button-images=0” inside a GTK+ configuration file in your home directory, which tells GTK+ to turn off button images.)

Of course, this doesn’t change everything, but it does allow you to have cleaner looking buttons on dialogs and such.

Update: Jakub has a good comment on Tuomas’ blog: “Not only will cleansing the icon noise help with usability, it will also help with artwork maintainability.” (excerpt)

A tale of two cities, the county, and state

Thursday, September 1st, 2005

Report? Report? Who’s got a report?

It seems that typical Massachusetts government is at “work”: The cities of Lynn and Revere don’t know what’s going on, so they each pass the buck to each other and the state. The state says it doesn’t have a clue; check with the county and city. And so the quest for the police report continues…

Meanwhile, State Farm is still trying to royally rip us off on the totalled car and I’m still in constant pain (and trying to not show it too much).

State Farm also says they can’t really do much until the police report comes in — and it looks like “it doesn’t exist”, which is pretty crazy as we saw some police officer filling out something after the wreck happened. One of the departments said they might not have it since there was “no injury” at the scene. Of course! I take joy rides in ambulances, strapped down on a stretcher just for fun, right?