Floating Island” is basically a minature recreation (with live trees and grass) of Central Park, but on a garbage scow, currently being tugged around New York’s harbor.

As the captian of the tugboat was dragging around the minipark, he noticed a speedboat carrying a miniature version of a bright orange minigate!

According to the New York Times article (previous link), the anonymous art “pirates” hauling the minigate thought that they thought the ‘Gates’ project “was stupid” and that they wanted to make a joke about it and this new Central Park based public art piece.


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3 Responses to “MiniGate”

  1. fak3r says:

    That rocks! I read about the island, and was interested since the ‘Spiral Jetty’ was always something I thought was cool, but the Gates chasing it was gold! Would have been cooler if the would be protesters had a better stick; either a prepared statement of dis-interest about the Gates to legitimize their stance; or some sort of costume. Like if they all had tuxedos on with Gorilla masks and refused to answer anyone’s questions about their motives, instead just chewing on bananas…

  2. fak3r says:

    Also, just an FYI, when posting comments to this blog you get an error like this:

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  3. fak3r, I know about the error… the admin of the machine is looking into it… we’re not sure why it’s doing that.

    We think it’s something to do with PHP5. *shudder*

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