Bits of Tango clarification

Slashdot got it nearly right, but a bit wrong: the Tango Project is about unifying the Open Source desktop, but it isn’t by Steven Garrity and Jakub Steiner alone. Steven and Jakub presented it at the GNOME Summit in Boston over the weekend, but Rodney Dawes, Tuomas Kuosmanen, Anna Dirks (site currently down), and myself all had a lot to do with making it a reality. A few others helped out along the way too, such as Trae McCombs.

In addition, Tuomas recently posted on his blog a bit more about Tango: Remember, Tango is not “yet another theme”, what I am even more interested in is to really look outside our “Gnome/KDE/Whatever” sandbox and try to fix the overall user experience on “Linux Desktop” – we need to co-operate really. Unified look and feel is one step in that direction, and a logical one for me as an artist.

Also of note is Steven Garrity’s post and Jakub Steiner’s post.

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  1. Dave Neary says:

    Hi Garrett,

    I tried to send you a mail a couple of days back, but it got trapped in some weird spamtrap thing, and I can’t delist myself. Any address other than the g at la dot com one?

    Could you drop me a line?


  2. Lode says:

    Is it normal the site is not working? I get “Site Temporarily Unavailable – We apologize bla bla, error id: “bad_http_conf”.

    I haven’t seen this mentioned in any of the blog posts or in the /. post, so I’m wondering if it’s just me…

  3. Dave:

    It’s firstname then the first initial of my last name (all one word) at gmail dot com.


    I think there’s a problem somewhere; I’m getting the same from here as well.

  4. What? Slashdot got something wrong? Never!

    That said, the site is definitely down. It’s a shame. All those icons were so pretty. 🙂

    Good work Garrett (and the rest of the team)!

  5. The site is down due to a hosting issue; I believe it may be related to DNS. It should be up soon, hopefully.

  6. Shawn says:

    When it gets back where and how can guys like this[1] and this[2] make their suggestions?


  7. Jakob Petsovits says:

    You are in serious danger of not getting accepted by KDE, which would render the project somewhat unnecessary. Not only is there not a single KDE person in the Tango staff (mentioned on the project page) but also people start blogging against the idea, like KDE’s Ruurd Pels does here:

    Be careful with what you’re doing.

  8. Jakob, we have made many efforts to get the KDE community involved. We definitely want them involved and it would make us very happy to have KDE artists on the Tango team as well. Even in our design of the icons, we have tried to design the style around many of the KDE elements (as stated on the Wiki).

    Actually, we do have some KDE people in the Tango IRC channel (#tango on We also have people involved from many other projects, such as people from Mozilla as well.

    Tango is not about GNOME, it’s for every application and desktop environment, including KDE.

    Also, Jakob, if you would like to help out by porting other themes to the Tango icon name spec, such as Lila, it would be nice. Tango is much more than just an icon set (although we would like to have a nice, complete, default, scalable icon set that could be used everywhere too).

  9. Jakob Petsovits says:

    Did you know that I’m doing the Lila theme or did you mention this one just randomly? 😀

    Anyway, yeah, maybe that would be a good idea. I thought about doing some name mapping by myself when I didn’t know about the Tango project yet (you know, I just heard of it yesterday).

    I’ll drop by at #tango, still got a few questions left.

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