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I haven’t mentioned it yet, but the Mono Project got a new website rather recently. It happened when I helped them upgrade to a new version of MediaWiki and then made a nice theme for their site. A bit of the content got rearranged too. All-in-all, it was a fun project and it was great working with Miguel to get the website design realized.


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  1. cheridy says:

    Oh, Garrett, that looks just lovely. I really do love your design sense. Is mediawiki tricky to skin?

  2. cheridy says:

    when i posted that comment, i got the following error:

    faultCode0faultStringFatal error:Cannot access empty property in /home/garrett/sites/ on line 154

    as you can see, however, it did post.

  3. Cheridy, yeah, there’s a bug on the machine I’m hosting this website. I think it’s related to PHP5, unfortunately… I really should fix the comment area to state that. (:

    MediaWiki is a little bit of a pain to theme, currently. Steven Garrity and I have discussed this and are working on a project to make things better. (:

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