Playing around with Flickr

I’ve decided to start using flickr. It’s nice in that I can just post any number of pictures from whenever or wherever — I don’t have to feel compelled to post a gallery of pictures, grouped by a set, organized by a time, all hand-done manually. A few additional advantages of flickr are tags, comments on pictures, and RSS. I can also post pictures from my cell phone (which, unfortunately, works better than using it to talk).

(I’m still not entirely sure if this might replace my own photo gallery, go side-by-side, or what.)

I suppose I should add a link to my flickr account from my website somewhere. (;

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3 Responses to “Playing around with Flickr”

  1. Pascal Klein says:

    I’d say keep your own gallery. I mean, sure Flickr is pretty great, technology wise, but having a personal gallery on your own site to me outweighs the benefits of Flickr. Also, Flickr is Yahoo property, and that just turned me off.

    Lovely photos as usual. Keep shooting.


  2. I would have to agree with Pascal on this one. In my mind, the only real benefit of Flickr is the community. More people will visit your images, more people will know about you, more people will visit your website.

    I recently signed up to try it out, and was especially unhappy about the fact that there is an uploading limit per month. And unless you want to resize all of your photos to reduce file size, which probably wouldn’t make visitors happy considering they would lack the larger file with which they can do much more (e.g. a full-screen wallpaper), then it is rather inconvenient. (Of course, this limit disappears if you pay for the service, but who really wants to do that when you can get the same functionality from software on your own server/website?

    In conclusion, post more photos, and at least keep your gallery up to date alongside the Flickr gallery.

  3. Carolina says:

    I dont know how I got here, but your pictures are really good…well done!!! there´s no way I can do something like that…lol
    but still good job congratulations

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