Mario Kart DS

Since everyone on the Cambridge side of the Hula team recently picked up Mario Kart DS, I decided to buy it (and a Nintendo DS) during my last trip to Utah. It sure has made plane trips a lot more more enjoyable.

Mario Kart is itself a lot of fun, and the WFC (Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection) is entertaining. I think I’ve been getting my butt kicked by a bunch of middle schoolers over the Internet, though.

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60 Responses to “Mario Kart DS”

  1. hbons says:

    I bought it to, and i’m hooked 🙂
    So what’s your friend code?

  2. virid says:

    Check out Metroid Prime Pinball too. I find my girlfriend stealing my DS just to play it…

  3. hbons says:

    yesterday i raced against firemario, he had a red N in the top letf corner of it’s emblem, think he was form novell 🙂

  4. Christmas! says:

    I don’t have any friends on MKDS! Add me! 352246

  5. hbons says:

    Christmas! ok

  6. Dubster says:

    Mario Kart DS = WICKED! Da best Internet game EVER! Freind code = 489686734425! What’s yours?

  7. Maverick says:

    I’d have to agree with you Dubster. Mario Kart DS by far is one of the best DS games around right now. I’m glad I broke down and bought it a few days ago.

    The WiFi Kick’s a@#

    Friend Code: 193335 216990

  8. OliverLeonard says:

    MKDS ON WI-FI RULES!!! I play it 24/7!

    My friend code is 012950 052796. I will add everyone on this site, so please add me!

  9. OliverLeonard says:

    Well, just to say, if u want to challenge me,tell me ASAP. I need a good racer. My nickname is sonic.

  10. alex says: add me tu msn or mail me ur friends codes 4 mkds i kik ass!!!

  11. Jaraad says:

    add me mcds code:283536019724

  12. Jaraad says:

    this is the best game i have ever played.i’ll even give up my
    dinner for it.

  13. steven says:

    my code is 253462942229

  14. max says:

    hey mkds fan here, add me 476801014588

  15. JJ says:

    fab n brill im on it now soo if you want to add me search for freinds but 1st heres my friend code-296421 406283

  16. Jaraad says:

    mine is 283536019724

  17. hey peeps my friendcode is 206227226759, I sure hope your not a sick criminal 😉

  18. OliverLeonard says:

    Has anyone got my friend code? Its on post number 10.

  19. WindOfNightmares says:

    Hey everyone plz add me 502579964812 and see you on Wi-Fi ps. i’m a 2-star racer

  20. OliverLeonard says:

    im a 3 star racer

  21. dprradio says:

    how do i get my code?

  22. capt jack says:

    This game is off the hook!lol
    my freind code is 352254687577
    every body better add me cause ill add you
    .Oh and no snake-ing!

  23. Joe2006 says:

    here is my friend code 197639697696 add me plz and then mail me ur friend code so i can add u

  24. charlie says:

    i duno how to view my friend code tell me how to on fanks

  25. charlie says:

    oh i do have it it is 038726514563 please add me. i aint got no 1

  26. charlie says:

    oh and we should do a tournAment at a certain time an see who wins enter the group 1nce there is 8 ppl we start the race fanks

  27. Blazin Boi says:

    hey every1 my friend code is 335074 870290

  28. ToadFer718 says:

    My friend code:

    I will add everyone!!!

  29. ToadFer718 says:

    all right, no EVERYBODY!!!

  30. nathan says:

    i dont have any friends on M.K so i want some. my frend code is 386610-345083. plese be my friend!

  31. nathan says:

    come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

  32. nathan says:

    fine – –
    | | | |
    – –
    / |_| \

  33. mistymcc says:

    My friend code us 137500 274519
    My nickname is Evan.
    See you at the race.

  34. KILLSPREE says:



  35. KILLSPREE says:


  36. other olive says:

    somebody please add me! I’m 511176489764

  37. Sam says:

    plz added me my friend code for mario kart is 043026-246265

    E-Mail: i will add u guys bac when u e-mail me n make sure u give me ur friend code 2

  38. John says:

    How do you unlock the extra Missions

  39. $3@N says:

    how do u get freinds on mario kart do u need the freind num if u do could some 1 tell me ow to get the num

  40. $3@N says:

    john u can’t u av to do the grand prix on all cc 50cc 100cc 150cc
    cause ive done all the missions and i cheched on super cheat and there r know cheats jus hints so go on that and it will tell u every thing u need to know

  41. $3@N says:

    Add me plz 429584116834

  42. adam says:

    hi, my freind code is 064512204131 add me, i am usialy on at weekends from 18:00 please add me.

  43. adam says:

    hi again,
    when ever i go on a worldwide search there is some kind of cheat where the player can move from side to side of the screen and almost always wins, if anybody knows how this is done please tell me, if if is a kind of cheat cartridge please say where you can get them from. thanks.

  44. Josh says:

    If you have a friend registered, do you have to be in the “friends” section of Wifi to see if your friends are on or will something pop up during a race or something to tell you they are online?

  45. kyle says:

    ahh ruff trabek just like ur mother likes it

  46. kyle says:

    one time i raced your mom in bed josh

  47. kyle says:

    fff uuuuuuuuuuuu aaaaaaalllllllllllll

  48. Mike says:

    Please add me except if your a snaker if u are you have no racing skills at all. my friend code is 468244961805

  49. AMPX says:

    hey plz add me i have only just got a wifi connecter and i am lonely my freind code is



  50. crystal says:

    My friend code is 506901 524894 add me so we can race.

    crystal racer

  51. Kid says:

    Sup’ chaps. Mario Kart DS is the number one game on the planet. I’d take friend codes, but ABSOLUTELY NO SNAKERS. Snaking is for fags that want shorten the life of their Nintendo DS. Snaking should be for Grand Prix and Time Trials. Besides, not everyone knows how to Route Drive (that’s what I call snaking) anyway. I do, but don’t like it. If you want to win, get items, use ’em wisely, and command the corners. You true Mario Kart Duelists that don’t snake, hand those friend codes over to me!! Again, NO SNAKERS. I don’t like them, I don’t want them. My friend code is 382349 443239. Non-snakers ONLY.

  52. loren says:

    add me ppl

    send me yours

  53. Kylo says:

    Hi guys, just got Mario Kart DS a few days ago and am loving it. I like playing on wifi but I always run into snakers which I can’t stand. if anyone wants to add me my friend code is 137539 915275. No snakers please, they ruin the fun of the game.

  54. Choco says:

    Hey, loren, Kylo, Kid, crystal, AMPX, and Mike. I added all of you (okay, I will after school, but I have written them down!).

    I’m not a snaker, and my friend code is: 047346 – 914865

    Oh, and for those I didn’t add, I CAN add you! Just ask me (your original post may be too old and I may have skipped it).

    Okay? Thanks!

  55. Dukem says:

    figure i should add some ppl to my friends list so added a few of u, heres my friend code….well not mie my sisters but she wont even find out since shes a complete idiot…… 146116394408, Kayla is the screen name, sometimes a secretly change it to a different name =)

  56. kadjius says:

    Hi everyone! I’ve just added a bunch of you!

    Hope you still play.

    My code is: 107481 354437

    Feel free to add me.

    See ya on WFC!

  57. scott says:

    Definitely one of the best games for the DS and I believe its still Nintendo’s top seller!

  58. cody says:

    yo my code is 292222020346 need freinds

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