Leaked picture of the Canon 30D

Oh man, the new Canon 30D looks awesome! So many great features! (via Nelson’s linkblog)

I think it’s finally almost time to retire my old Canon D60 camera body.

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12 Responses to “Leaked picture of the Canon 30D”

  1. michel says:

    at last. a camera with all settings I need. as every print dialogbox should be… (just a nice troll, not the head , ouch)

  2. Dial_tone says:

    Wow! I wouldn’t even know where to start with a camera like that. I just bought a Powershot A610 yesterday, stepped up from a used a 1.2MP Polaroid. I’m hoping to develop an eye for good shots like you’ve got.

  3. […] Wow! I thought the 20D would do me for a couple of years, but after seeing this photo of the upcoming Canon 30D I want one! Looks like it’ll do everything but make the coffee for you! (via) […]

  4. Pascal Klein says:

    If only everything could be as simple as The GIMP. :o)

  5. Makes you wonder what would a DSLR look if Apple did one.. 🙂


    It’s about user interfaces after all with cameras too..


  6. garrett says:

    If Apple made a digital camera, it would be a glossy-looking white point-and-shoot and have one button. When you press the button, it would snap a picture and subtly glow for a bit and then return to normal. A preview would then fade in on the LCD for a few seconds, then genie effect away with a whoosh sound.

    Of course, around the one button would be a circular touch-pad that would allow you to access menus, browse photos, and watch “photocasts” using the famous Ken Burns transition.

    The camera would also have both WiFi and bluetooth.

  7. No I mean, they can do PRO tools on software too. I dont mean the “white glossy-looking” apple camera. That’d be the “iSnap” (heh, that’d be quite a name, would go nicely with iPostal, the crazy photo print mail order tool :^))

    Anyway, I am talking about the apple Pro design. The stuff which has the webpage background in black 🙂 I’d love to see that kind of pro camera. I bet it would show the ISO setting in the viewfinder and have some clever way to work that as one of the parameters in digital photography, not something you need to hide in a menu “because film also had fixed ISO setting for the whole roll”

  8. garrett says:

    Yeah, that would rock. I was mostly being silly. (:

  9. Nick says:

    And the end result would be slightly overpriced and ever so slightly average (eek, Apple fans?) 🙂

  10. Axl says:

    The Nikon D200 has a dedicated ISO button on top dudes. And QUAL and WB. Take a peek. Its an awesome camera.

  11. Angelia says:

    this camera is real…see the website: http://www.canon30d.com

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