Posting pictures again

Little luminous jellyfish

I’m posting pictures again, this time on Flickr. It’s been really nice so far — I can easily upload any picture I’ve taken from any time (over the past several years). Unlike the custom gallery I wrote, it’s very flexible and easy to maintain.

Pachyderm poser

I’m also working on some custom ‘glue’ (via the Flickr API) to better integrate them into my own website, so you’ll see more stuff around here soon.

Path to the windmills

In the mean time, I’ll keep posting some here in my ‘blog, but you’ll want to go to my Flickr page to see a whole lot more. (I’ll try to post something new nearly every day or so.)

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12 Responses to “Posting pictures again”

  1. Why flickr?? I just don’t understand the craze.

  2. Oh, by the way, great photos on this site!

  3. There are a couple of Flickr plug-ins for WordPress 2.0 around. E.g. I’m using FAlbum 0.6.2 in my blog.

  4. jp says:

    flickr! is really cool Jason!

  5. Jens Knutson says:

    Wow… that jellyfish pic is beautiful, thanks for sharing!

  6. norba says:

    Simply wonderful pictures, Garrett! 🙂

  7. Claudia says:

    Love your pictures, thanks for sharing! i change my wallpaper now 🙂

  8. Debbie E says:

    Loved your pics!! Keep taking more. They are simply beautiful!

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