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Attention! I have a new phone number

Monday, February 13th, 2006

Until approximately an hour ago, I had the same phone number for several years (approximately 3/4 of a decade). Now, I have a new phone number. If you want to know it, do the following:

Type the following into your browser’s location bar: My first name and last name (without spaces), “.com”, then a forward slash “/”. After that, type my old phone number (without parenthesis) and press enter. You should then see my new cell phone number!

With the new number, please update all of your contact info on your cell phone, address book software, and sticky notes. Thanks!

Why the switch? Simple, really… my Motorola v300 was horrible! I was unable to hear (except in speakerphone — and then only sometimes), the UI was bad, it would crash quite often, and neither of our phones would recieve any signal at our house.

We just started using nice (non-flip) Nokias (with Verizon instead of T-Mobile) and we’re loving it.

Our recent nor’easter

Monday, February 13th, 2006

Snow fell all Sunday, leaving the Boston area under at least 17.5 inches of the powdery stuff (according to a swiftly disappearing page on With the help of wind, snow drifts may be taller than the official reading.

Since we woke up with lots of snow at our doors (and our doors open inward), we remained inside all day long to watch the fluffy flakes fall. All the shops were closed and none of the snow was cleared away during any of the daylight hours, so venturing out would have only gotten us cold and covered in snow.

It was exciting to watch the blizzard-like conditions through the windows of a warm room, but after a while we wondered when it would end. A few hours later, at sunset, an amazing purple glow from the sky permeated everything outside. I would have a picture to post here, but my tripod (necessary for the low light) was inacessible in the trunk of my car, due to the snow covering both my car and the walkways to it.

Near seven o’clock, the snowfall event tapered off. Shortly after, people from around the neighborhood ventured outside to scoop the white stuff off of the sidewalks and driveways while we ate our dinner and watched.

I enjoyed staying at home, cooking things like a spinach and wild mushroom pasta dish and brussels sprouts (the proper, tasty way) on this Sunday snow day. Not much else was accomplished, but parts of the day seemed surreal.