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Now that it’s spring again, I’d like to explore New England some more. Does anyone have any awe-inspiring or interesting favorite places to recommend?

Any suggestions within Boston all the way to a short day trip from the city (a few hours drive) would work fine.

Also, if the place is conducively photogenic, that would be a plus. (:

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  1. Chris says:

    Been to Cape Cod? It’s pretty, but you need to plan where you’re going carefully ’cause it’s easy to end up in the middle of nowhere. You can hire bicycles and ride around, and it’s about three hours’ drive.

  2. Just checking, but have you gone to the top of bunker hill? Very nice view and you can take the T there.

  3. drive out to wachusett mountain, you can see the better part of teh state from there, and can see boston on clean days. its a great hike up, or, you can take a chair lift.

    also, Purgatory Chasm in sutton, ma. I grw up right next to it. You can spend an entire day jsut wandering around the huge rock laiden scar in the ground and the surrounding woods have all sorts of neat things.

    if you like beer, seek out the harpoon brewery down on the docks, and the sam adams brwery in jamaca plain. the tours free, fun, and you get beer at the end.

  4. Mick says:

    The Boston Harbor Islands are worth a visit (and U can camp there overnight): . Catch a ferry from Boston’s waterfront and be on a nice quiet island in about 20 minutes! No shops or cafes so bring your supplies.

    On the North Shore there is Crane’s Beach: and Castle Hill (a big house overlooking the beach) tis like an old English Estate. Very pretty and a nice place to chill.

    Plus, on a nice day it’s nice just to walk about the city (and good for you). And the waterfront, when U get away from the tourist busy Aquarium area, is always pleasant, and U can stop for lunch/dinner in the North End (Boston’s old Italian neighbourhood).

    Further afield, the old mansions at Providence R.I. are supposed to be worth seeing (ain’t seen them meself). 🙂

    Cape Cod can be nice, but when Summer hits can be full of tourists and traffic. For a day trip it can be a bit of a pain, better of going to the Cape for a few days. On the other hand, there is a high-speed ferry from Boston to Provincetown (Ptown) during the summer. Ptown can be full of tourists, but it does have an old town charm and nice beachs and cafes, and isn’t as commericalised as some of the other towns on the Cape.

    Have Fun! 😀

  5. jeff forman says:

    Check out the Cape Ann/Gloucester area. I was up there last summer, stopped at a seafood place called ‘Woodmans’ that was excellent. Nice driving terrian, some wineries and fruit stands along the roads (route 133 if i remember correctly). Very pictureesque.

    Take 128 North and just explore up there. Definitely a great way to spend a Saturday.

  6. Ben Williams says:

    You can go out and see the cool fort on George’s Island in Boston harbor. You can hike up Blue Hill, highest point inside 128 but only a 45 minute hike.

    Further away I love the Hanover, NH area around Dartmouth College. Tons of stuff to do and see up there but I’d save that for later in spring/summer, it’s still mud season there.

  7. if you’re willing to sit in a car for a little over 2 hours, you could hit Georgetown, ME. has Five Islands pier – which was picturesque enough for a couple of TV ads – along with Reid State Park. just up the road is Wiscasset, which bills itself as the prettiest village in Maine, and just down the road is Bath, home of Bath Iron Works.

  8. Abe says:

    Portland, Maine is a very cool small city about and hour and 45 minutes north of Boston. The downtown is small and walkable, and there’s a nice waterfront. There’s also a ton of great restaurants. One local favorite for a casual meal is Portland Flatbread, which has, no kidding, the best pizza in the entire world. Plan on getting there 45 minutes early, putting your name on the list, and then taking a walk out on the wharf while you wait for a table.

    From the downtown you can walk or drive about a mile up the Eastern Promenade, where there’s a nice park with views of Casco Bay. All in all a great place to spend a summer day.

    Also, if you’re an espresso fan don’t miss Arabica coffee on Free street.


  9. garrett says:

    Wow! Thanks everyone! I’ll have to check out all of your awesome suggestions, optimizing for seasons and weather, of course.

    Hopefully you’ll be able to “soon” see pictures from me taken at the places you all mentioned. (:

  10. Mick says:

    Hmmm, I left a fairly long message earlier today. Where’d it go?

    Guess I’ll summarise what I tried to post earlier and add some more ideas:

    Boston Harbor Islands (views of the City & overnight camping).
    Walk along the Boston Water Front (Start at the Barking Crab and walk up around, or through, the North End).

    Jump on the Pike and head out to Western Mass.

    Go to the Fells in the Winchester area.

    Catch high speed ferry to Provincetown for the day (saves driving).

    Head up to the North Shore and explore Cranes Beach and the estate it was once part of.

    Let us know where you go! 🙂

  11. Mick says:

    When I posted my new entry the old one showed up as Awaiting Moderation. Apologies for double posting.

  12. garrett says:

    Mick, thanks for the posts! Sorry about your earlier one getting lost in moderation. I just went there and found it, so I approved it.

    Thanks for all of your great suggestions!

    I also discovered Abe’s post in the moderation queue too — man, I need to check out that pizza place; it sounds great!

    (I think the links triggered the spam filter. At least it went into the holding queue instead of being marked as spam.)

  13. Mick says:

    Walk Boston!

    Just came across this and might try some of these walks meself.

  14. Azzurra says:

    Buon luogo, congratulazioni, il mio amico!

  15. Hi!

    What do you think about Tokio Hotel? >:)

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