Genießen des Bieres in Deutschland

I’ve been in Germany for the past week, plus a few days. Early tomorrow (Monday), I’m flying back to the US.

Even though the trip has been primarily for work, I did manage to sqeeze in a few days of excellent photo shooting action. Expect to see some really cool shots getting posted very soon.

Currently, though, I’m enjoying my Würzburgian hefeweizen and cheesy cheese sticks in a German bar that’s playing 80s rock and has an very expensive wi-fi hotspot (T-Mobile).

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3 Responses to “Genießen des Bieres in Deutschland”

  1. Jimmac says:

    Sounds like you “had a lot of fun” 🙂

  2. beza1e1 says:

    You probably meant “Hefeweizen”, which literally means “barm wheat” or “yeast wheat”. The correct translation seems to be “beer brewed from wheat”. We germans and especially in bavaria are proud of our beers, so give it respect 😉

    have fun!

  3. norba says:

    I’m glad that it seems you like it here in germany! 🙂

    Maybe you should try the beer of my hometown Erding (35km northern from munich), the “Erdinger Weißbier”. Second best beer of the world 😉
    I like the “Grünbacher Weißbier more, but i didn’t think that you can get this beer outside of the Erding district. Grünbach is a really little village 10km outside of the City Erding.

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