Replacement parts

It’s official: The cost of repairing my laptop’s hinge exceeds the price of a new, better laptop!

Naturally, I’m going to use this excuse to leap to an even better laptop with higher resolution and a faster hard drive (for just a little tiny bit more money).

In the mean time, I may duct tape my old laptop’s screen back on. It’s not (yet) completely off, but it does need a little extra to hold it together for at least the next week or two.

A duct tape laptop will be the next fasion trend anyway.

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2 Responses to “Replacement parts”

  1. May I suggest as a fitting tribute to the death of one usable machine.

    I’m currently doing this using the unused second vga port of my nvidia card and a spare old 800×600 flat panel screen I had lying around.

    And best of all, using vlc you can stream TV to it 😉

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